• Archival Scanning Services

    Bringing 20 years scanning & indexing expertise to our customers, with a 16 hour operation that ensures you get the best service with a quick turnaround and an end product that is second to none.

  • Daily Scanning Services

    Getting the most out of your forms, quickly and accurately. From the initial design, print management & distribution through to the extraction, reporting and final analysis, we manage all stages of the project.

  • Project Scanning Services

    Project Scanning requires strong management, good planning and stringent budgeting. Informa have 20+ years experience delivery large scanning project across all sectors.

  • Form Design & Data Extraction

    Informa work closely with our clients to ensure they are getting the best from their scanning budget. Identifying file and document types across departments that will benefit most from centralised access.

  • Scanning Hardware

    Informa have being scanning documents for the past 20 years, we have dealt with all industry and all types of scanners so there is no one better equipped to recommend a scanner to fit your requirements.

  • Cloud Delivery

    Within Information Management, the ‘cloud’ phenomenon has developed at an accelerated rate as people require instant access to their documents regardless of their location.

E-Discovery & Early
Case Assessment

  • Legal Scanning & Coding

    Our Scanning & Coding services are used by many of the top practices in Ireland and time & time again have proven the most cost effective option whilst obtaining the best results.

  • Document Listing, Pagination & Printing Services

    Take the time consuming heavy lifting out of your document handling and trial preparation and get Informa working for you. We will save you hours on preparation, photocopying and document listing.

  • eDiscovery Processing

    Automated processing to de-dupe, redact, OCR, code, categorise and tag. We bring paper, email, eDocs, audio, video & social media together so they can be reviewed centrally under the one platform.

  • Legal Reviewing

    Simple, intuitive legal reviewing that can have even the least experienced of reviewers up and running within 30 minutes; Informa provide technology that works for you, not vice versa.

  • Production & Printing

    The production for any large litigation or eDiscovery case whether hard or softcopy requires a fair degree of management and expertise.

  • SaaS or Solution

    eDiscovery is now more affordable than ever with the ‘pay as you use’ model. Even the smallest cases can be processed through eDiscovery platforms 'on the cloud' with zero upfront investment.