Getting the most out of your forms, right from the initial design, print management & distribution to the extraction, reporting and final analysis, Informa manage all stages of the project.

Today, we want to get more out of the information we receive and the quicker we can process that information the better.

At Informa we look at ways to streamline processes and reduce overheads relating to paper handling, data entry duplication and data analysis.

 Our solutions and services cross departments within any organization; Sales, Distribution, Finance, Customer Service, HR.  So whether you are processing application forms, invoices, work orders, customer feedback or CV's we have services that can enhance your processes.

"Informa have worked with the LGMA on a number of large projects over the past 24 months where form design, print management and distribution were required. We found them highly responsive, flexible in their approach and hard working, which is very important in delivering these large scale projects"

Peter Burke Project Manager
Local Government Management Agency