ZyLAB is first to deliver eDiscovery on Microsoft Azure Platform

ZyLAB announces that the Microsoft Azure Team has certified the ZyLAB software to process, analyze and review data stored on their cloud computing platform, Azure.

With this partnership, ZyLAB will become the first eDiscovery solution on the Azure Marketplace. Several ZyLAB customers already use ZyLAB eDiscovery software to process data from Exchange Online, SharePoint Online (SPO), and OneDrive for Business (OD4B) in Office 365 using the Azure Platform.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created for building, deploying and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed and partner hosted datacenters. ZyLAB’s products can be deployed as a virtual appliance within Microsoft Azure and then be used for client installations. Installation directly on the cloud platform eliminates the need to offload and upload data for eDiscovery or investigations.

According to Paul Easton, Managing Director at Global Colleague, “ZyLAB's ability to deploy in our Microsoft Azure infrastructure was an important factor in our decision to select ZyLAB as the preferred eDiscovery solution we offer to our clients. Running ZyLAB in Azure allows us to rapidly increase our processing power and storage, when needed, and decrease resources when they are not being used. This has enabled us to significantly decrease our clients’ e-discovery costs.” Since companies store more and more content in the cloud, the ability to conduct eDiscovery and investigative search on content residing in that cloud, from a cloud based application, is becoming a critical requirement for many organizations. "It is not practical to bring down large volumes of data from the cloud to on-premise environments for discovery because this causes all kinds of bandwidth problems and only a tiny fraction of collected data is produced to 3rd parties after processing and review," says Johannes Scholtes, Chief Strategy Officer, ZyLAB. It makes much more sense to implement the entire process in the cloud and bring only the final production down on-premise.

ZyLAB continues to meet market demands by moving corporate content to the cloud. We've been connecting to all new cloud sources, including Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business in Microsoft Office 365 from the very beginning. “The ZyLAB architecture is a natural fit for private clouds and public cloud environments such as Azure, and we are very proud to be certified as the first eDiscovery vendor allowed on their platform”, says Scholtes.

ZyLAB's VM architecture makes it very easy to install software in Azure. ZyLAB can complete a full eDiscovery installation in the Microsoft cloud – including connections to several data sources in Azure such as Office 365 – in less than an hour. Adding additional nodes to a ZyLAB environment in Azure can be easily accomplished with virtual machine images. These images can be saved during initial deployment and used to increase processing capabilities allowing customers to quickly and easily expand their eDiscovery footprint in Azure.

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