Valuing history in an online world

Informa have being digitising records since 1993, but since the 1916 celebrations the increasing appetite for access to historical records has never been greater.  

Combine this with the strange times we are living in today (Covid-19) and we see just how fruitful an exercise it can be to undertake a digitisation project no matter how big or small.  

From the individual who wants to share scrapbooks, letters and photographs to the extended family or the museum, library or public body who wants to share publications and articles with the general public to garner more information or embellish a storey.  

At Informa over time we have accumulated the technology for handling all media types, Aperture Cards, Microfilm, Photography, Artwork, Books, Registers, Maps & Drawings.  

Informa don't just digitize, we work with our clients on all the phases of a project which include: 

  • Hosting solutions for shared access 

  • Collaboration software to annotate, redact, summarise  

  • Publishing tools to output documents to third party systems 

  • OCR Processing services to extract text and content 

  • Managed print & reproduction services 

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