Intelligent Information Governance

Intelligent Information Governance (IIG) helps to lower risks and cost by significantly reducing data volumes and organising unstructured and legacy information. 

IIG is the longer-term answer to the challenges of frequent litigation, eDiscovery requests or regulatory investigations.

In addition, Intelligent Information Governance uncovers huge business value hidden in the infinite types of data that corporations and government agencies store, bringing positive benefits in terms of easier access to and sharing of critical information, quicker turnaround of business decisions and a more competitive organisation.

ZyLAB’s Intelligent Information Governance includes the best file analysis technology to conduct regular or real-time compliance assessments, checking activities against requirements from regulators and identifies and protects sensitive, personal or confidential information in order to prevent accidental disclosures or leakage of such data.

This helps our clients to stay focused on running their businesses, grow their top-line, increase customer experience, release new products and services smoothly and protect their reputation instead of being distracted by demanding and productivity-undermining regulatory investigations and law suits.

IIG is more than the next step in eDiscovery and embraces all activities and technologies organizations employ to maximize the value of their information throughout its life cycle while minimising associated risks and costs.


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