ZyLAB gets global accolades from the top analysts

Throughout our 30-year history, ZyLAB has always been profitable, privately funded, and driven solely by the mission to develop cutting-edge solutions to our customers’ information management challenges. ZyLAB is reliable, nimble, and poised to respond to our clients’ evolving needs, as well as market dy-namics and technical advancements.

“ZyLAB is highly referenceable, is extremely stable and enjoys a loyal client following …….Its ability to recruit and retain talented personnel is key to its success, and its recruitment of thought leaders demonstrates this commitment.” Gartner

“It has extremely high customer satisfaction ratings for both functionality and support. ……It covers the full EDRM and also has information governance components.” IDC

“ZyLAB has been a game-changing pioneer of technology for knowledge management during the past 30 years.” KM World

“Merging complex digital evidence with hard-copy documents is becoming a de facto part of our work. ZyLAB’s tools provide the accountants, lawyers and investigators with a fast and reliable interface to manager these investigations. They can search, analyse and retrieve vast amounts of information in a timely manner.” Deloitte

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