The success with any large scanning project hinges on the team that has being assembled between the client and its service provider.

Informa have a proven track record working with our clients delivering large scale projects on time and within budget.

Large Scanning Projects require a detailed understanding of the project’s objectives, good planning and a production setup that provides confidence and reassurance to the client. Informa has a project scanning process that is designed around these three principles.

In addition to the above Informa will comprehensively address the following phases:


  • Logistics dealing with the transfer, transport & tracking of files
  • Services required during the project to minimise disruption, scan-on-demand etc
  • Regular & accurate reporting
  • Communication and integration with IT on digital delivery
  • Records management & Secure destruction
  • Compliance & regulatory issues


If you would like to discuss your project please feel free to contact Tom Gilsenan on (01) 8341220