White Papers

Initially, White papers are written to assist or educate with the sales process, but they do assist decision makers in forming an opinion. We have published a number of White papers on our website. We feel that these items will be beneficial in providing you with relevant information on Information Management Issues.

If you would like us to research any specific areas of interest for you, please let us know and we will be happy to do the work.


Bringing e-Discovery in-house risks and rewards

Download: bringing_e-discovery_in-house_risks_and_rewards.pdf (757.5 KB)

From Litigation Response to Litigation Readiness

Download: from_litigation_response_to_litigation_readiness.pdf (749.3 KB)

Book2Net Book Scanner

Book2Net Book Scanner

Download: proni_case_study.pdf (883.1 KB)

Bridging the Gap between Legal and IT

Download: bridging_the_gap_between_legal_and_it.pdf (1.0 MB)

Erase the document processing bottleneck

Download: erase_the_document_processing_bottleneck.pdf (546.7 KB)

The art of safe destruction

Download: the_art_of_safe_destruction.pdf (671.8 KB)

Automating Accounts Payable

Download: automating_accounts_payable.pdf (93.0 KB)

Automating Human Resources

Download: automating_human_resources.pdf (76.6 KB)

Insurance Company Reduces Manual Data Entry Time by 80%

Download: insurance_company_reduces_manual_data_entry_time_by_80%.pdf (782.7 KB)

Controlling your unstructured information

Download: controlling_your_unstructured_information.pdf (944.7 KB)

Innovation in Content Capture and Process Management

Download: innovation_in_content_capture_and_process_management.pdf (7.1 MB)

Document Listing for Medical Legal

Informa have being scanning for the medical sector for twenty years, so there is no one more knowledge than how to list documents for medical legal

Download: medical_legal_scanning_listing_services.pdf (110.1 KB)