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ZyLAB is one of the few eDiscovery vendors to offer a complete end-to-end defensible solution for all your eDiscovery requirements. All stages of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) are fully supported and seamlessly integrated into one solution making sure your e-discovery process runs efficiently and effectively, without interruption.

Why Choose ZyLAB

  • Patented, open, flexible architecture, covering the full EDRM, support for more languages and more file formats than any other vendor.
  • Different flexible licensing models are available including standard on-Premise license fees, on-Premise volume based fees and SaaS based fees.
  • 30+ years of dedication and focus to meet the markets’ requirements. Continuously honored with industry awards and recognition by Gartner and other analysts.
  • Scalable, fully XML-based solution that can utilize additional hardware resources (computing power) on the fly to increase the processing power when additional capacity is needed.
  • Fully documented e-discovery, archiving, records management, compliance and litigation readiness methodologies for fast deployments and defensible in-house operations.
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